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Online Dating Safety and How to Recognize Red Flags

One of the key questions surrounding online dating is whether these platforms lead to long-term relationships. Some 53% of adults under 30 have ever used a dating site or app – including a quarter who have used one in the past year. This compares with 37% of those ages 30 to 49 who have ever […]

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Confidently handle all objections people bring up in a sales conversation: Objection’s Aren’t Real

I’m going to show you how to handle all the objections that people bring up to a sales conversation, but before we start I want to remind you of one thing:  they jumped into a conversation with you because they want what you have.   So why do people get “cold feet” when it’s time […]

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10 Sales Steps That Serve (and close) Every Time

  Sales.  There I said it. Gross. Let’s be honest, most of us cringe when we think we have to “sell something”.  Do you ever think that sales is a dirty word? I know that feeling. It’s not easy to approach someone and try to “persuade” them to see the light and purchase your product […]

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NAILED it! Creating a Sales Conversation that Converts

Years ago, I was asked to facilitate a sales training in-service for a flagship car dealership. The sales manager was generous enough to provide me with their current “sales training” manual (created by the dealership). I remember being fascinated with the “sales script” section. The very idea that there was a conversation script was fascinating […]

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